3 Ways to do Stag Entry at Clubs in Delhi


Every weekend, many guys look for stag entry clubs in Delhi to go out and enjoy themselves. Stag entry discos and pubs in Delhi are in high demand because many guys in Delhi either do not have a girlfriend, or can’t convince her to go out late at night.

Without a female companion, getting inside the best clubs in Delhi can be difficult. However, there are certain ways of doing it.

Do a stag entry at clubs in Delhi

Don’t go hunting for the best night clubs at peak hours on Friday or Saturday night. Instead, use your Facebook profile to search clubs and events in advance.

Guest List

Many clubs and pubs in Hauz Khas Village and Connaught Place have stag entry restrictions. These restrictions help to ensure the safety and security of the club and its attendees.

To do a stag entry there, you should get your name on the guest list. For any event at a popular night club, there can be 3 or more guest lists:

Artist: To get on the artist’s guest list, contact the artist. Briefly explain why you would like to see his/her performance and request a spot on the guest list. Facebook event pages can help you to find the name of the performing artists. Just look them up and message them through their Facebook profile or fan page.

Host: Events at night clubs are hosted by promoters and entertainment companies. You can get on the host’s guest list by filling a guest list entry form on their website or on their Facebook page. Some hosts leave their contact numbers in the event description, you can simply message them to request a spot on the guest list.

Club: If you know someone at the club itself, then it’s really easy to get in. Just ask the person to put you on the club’s guest list and enter hassle-free.

Note: Some night clubs close guest list entries by midnight or once the club gets jam-packed.


Nightclubs in Delhi like Kitty Su, PriveƩ and many others conduct competitions before a big event. You can follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts to participate in these competitions and win a free-entry into the club.

All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about the club, or the performing artists to stand a chance at winning the competition.


Ticketed events are easiest to enter. Just purchase a ticket online on the club’s website, or through their ticketing partners. Many clubs in Delhi offer full cover on their tickets, letting you enjoy food and drinks for free.

Conclusion: Not all Delhi clubs and pubs organize competitions, or throw ticketed events every weekend. Therefore, a guest list spot is often the most simple and cost-effective way to enter Delhi night clubs.

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