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Stag Entry at Clubs in India

Stag entry means that you do not have a female partner to accompany you. Stag entry clubs and pubs in India are in high demand because many guys in India either do not have a girlfriend or can’t convince her to go out late at night.

Unfortunately, India’s best night clubs do not allow stag entry. Their bouncers will either ask you to leave or demand a lot of money.

Quick Stag Entry at clubs in India

Don’t lose heart or pay hefty prices for your entry. Here are some tips to help you enjoy nightlife at any night club in India:


You can do a stag entry at any night club by getting your name on the guestlist. Guestlist entries are separate from general admission. By getting your name on the guestlist, you can enjoy free entry into the club. Some clubs will also let you skip the line and offer free drinks when your name is on the right guestlist.

There are 3 types of guestlists:

  1. Artist Guestlist: To get on the artist’s guest list, you should contact the performing artist in advance. Facebook event pages can help you to find the name of the performing artists. Just look them up on Facebook and request a spot on the guestlist.
  2. Host Guestlist: Events at nightclubs are hosted by promoters and entertainment agencies. You can get on the host’s guest list by filling a guestlist entry form on their website. You can also lookup their Facebook page and request a spot on the guestlist.
  3. Club Guestlist: If you know someone at the club itself, then it’s really easy to get in. Just ask the person to put your name on the club’s guest list.

Note: Some night clubs close guestlist entries by midnight. Therefore, you should try to get in as early as possible.


Many night clubs in India conduct competitions before a big event. You can follow their Facebook and Twitter profiles to participate in these competitions.

Competition winners usually get a free entry into the club and get to meet the performing artists. These competitions are really simple; you just have to answer a few questions about the club or the performing artists.


Ticketed events are the easiest to enter. Many clubs in India offer full cover on their tickets, which lets you enjoy complimentary food and drinks.


Not all clubs and pubs organize competitions or throw ticketed events every weekend. Therefore, a guestlist spot combined with men’s grooming essentials is often the most simple and cost-effective way to enter India’s best night clubs.