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Top 3 Online Music Production Schools

Many music enthusiasts want to produce music, but their family and work commitments mixed with their financial constraints, keep holding them back.

Online education has helped people in following their dreams by providing a cost-effective way of learning. It has given the flexibility to those who want to prepare their own schedule in contemporary society.

Learning music production from YouTube

YouTube videos are popular among beginners who want to learn music production for free. However, if you want to become a professional musician, these videos alone are unsuccessful in fulfilling your needs.

Pros and cons of YouTube videos


  • Learn for Free
  • Participate in Discussions
  • Watch Anywhere and Anytime
  • Watch on Any Device
  • Micro-Learning (Learn specifically what you want)
  • Watch Repeatedly Without Subscription
  • Make Your Own videos and Get Feedback


  • Incomplete Education
  • Unstructured Learning
  • Inexperienced Instructors
  • Informal Teaching
  • Distracting Videos
  • Confusing Content

Learn music production from Online Schools

Online schools are popular among students who want top-quality education from immensely talented professionals. These schools have a wide range of music production courses, which means that you’ll learn exactly what you want and do so in the shortest time possible.

Pros and cons of online courses


  • Structured Learning
  • Expert Trainers
  • Formal Education
  • Professional Feedback
  • Complete Instructions
  • Certification


  • Limited Social Interaction

The only downside of online learning is a lack of human interaction; although, most students overlook this fact due to the unmatched advantages that it provides.

Top online music production schools


CreativeLive started in 2009 and has a wide range of classes for aspiring musicians. Their students appreciate learning for free with their live and on-air classes before buying a class and owning it for life.

In 2016, CreativeLive released an app for iOS devices, which can be downloaded easily from the App Store.


  • Live Broadcast
  • Live Audience
  • Live Interaction
  • Free Classes


  • Individual Classes Cost More (Bundle up for a 50% discount)

Popular music and audio classes at CreativeLive

  • Apple Logic Pro – Intro & Production
  • Ableton Live – Fast Start, Songwriting & Mixing
  • FL Studio – Synthesis & Mixing
  • Music Theory for Electronic Musicians
  • Mixing Live Sound
  • Mixing Master Class
  • Making Money with Music
  • Music Business 101 – Networking
  • and many many more…


Join Noiselab, if you like producing in Ableton Live. Noiselab offers online courses, video tutorials and project templates from successful producers and Ableton Certified Trainers.

Starting at just $19/month, students get unlimited access to their entire course library.


  • Ableton Certified Trainers
  • Low-Cost Student Membership
  • Unlimited Access


  • Teaches Ableton Exclusively

Popular Ableton courses at Noiselab

  • Electronic Music Production
  • Music Theory for Electronic Musicians
  • Ableton Live Hacks
  • Synthesis, Sidechain & Mixing Essentials
  • Performing/DJing with Ableton Live
  • and many more…

Beginners can enroll free in Electronic Music Production Level – 1 before proceeding further.

Producertech by Loopmasters

Producertech is a one-stop-shop for learning music production. They cover most DAWs (Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reason, Cubase) and VSTs (Maschine, Massive, Sylenth1, Omnisphere, Kontakt) in their video tutorials.

Producertech offers genre-specific courses, which is great if you’re interested in a particular genre.


  • Covers Most DAWs, VSTs, and Genres
  • Bonus Samples from Loopmasters
  • Online Forum for Support


  • Teaches Electronic Music Production Exclusively

Popular courses at Producertech

  • Making Music with Ableton Push
  • Complete Guide to Maschine Jam
  • Complete Guide to NI Massive
  • Tribal and Tech House Production in Live
  • Mainroom Techno Production in Live
  • Drum and Bass Beats Masterclass
  • and many many more…