DJ Career: Salary, Jobs & Scope in India

To make a successful DJ career in India, you require exceptional DJ skills and good taste in music. Famous Indian DJs like Arjun Vagale, Nawed Khan, Udyan Sagar (Nucleya), Rishab Joshi (Lost Stories), Anish Sood and many others make good money doing what they love.

Well-known Indian DJs work independently and make 20 – 80k INR per gig, while the most popular ones can earn up to 5 lakhs for a one-time performance. In India, only Radio DJs and Resident DJs earn a monthly salary, which ranges approximately between 30 – 80k INR per month.

DJ Jobs & Gigs

Here are the 4 types of DJ jobs and gigs that Indian DJs do:

Weddings and Corporate Gigs

Quickest way to make a career as a DJ is by doing weddings and corporate gigs. Even beginners with basic DJ skills can make a lot of money at weddings. Wedding and corporate DJs require their own DJ equipment, so you have to either buy it or rent it.

Radio Stations

Radio DJs work like salaried professionals and get paid from radio stations. Since radio stations are limited, DJs need good contacts and exceptional DJing talent to be employed as a radio DJ.

Residencies at Bars and Clubs

Resident DJs play regularly at the same bar or club and earn a monthly salary. They also enjoy complimentary food and drinks from the venue.

Gigs at Bars, Clubs, Events and Festivals

Independent underground DJs do gigs at various bars, clubs, events and festivals. Their earnings depend upon their experience, skills and popularity.

DJ-friendly Careers

Making a sustainable career through DJing alone is hard. Therefore, most DJs in India get a day job to supplement their income.

Here are the 4 types of DJ-friendly careers for Indian DJs:


You can work as a promoter for nightlife events. This will bring additional income and expand your social circle.

Music Producer

You can become a music producer and release your own tracks. Music producers earn music royalties and make many fans.

DJ Tutor

You can become a DJ tutor to teach DJing to others. Experienced DJs can make significant amount of money by giving private lessons in their home studio.

Music Journalist

You can become a music journalist to write about music. Besides getting a job as a music journalist, you can also earn money by making blogs and websites about music.

Scope of DJing in India

Indians are fond of dance music. Most celebrations in India have a DJ and a dance floor. But today, DJing in India is not just limited to weddings and club events.

The young generation in India likes to party in a grand style and have a good time. Every year, international DJs come to India to play at festivals like Sunburn, Vh1 Supersonic, Magnetic Fields, NH7 Weekender and many others.

So, there’s a great scope for DJing in India in the future; especially for aspiring DJs who are not afraid to take the road less traveled and are brave enough to follow their passion.

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