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6 Best Soundbars Under 5000 in India

Soundbars are a blend of premium sound quality, connectivity, and sleek design. They deliver top-notch sound performance with clear vocals and thumping bass. Also, manufacturers align them with the latest technologies to produce soothing Indian beats.

Furthermore, soundbars look premium and deliver stunning sound output at your home. They do not need any configuration or driver installation to connect your device. All you need to do is plug it in and enjoy your favourite media in cinematic sound quality.

Why You Should Buy the Best Soundbars under 5000

From sound quality to design, soundbars have no alternative in their segment. They feature dynamic drivers and audio technologies to produce a 2.0 channel sound. Most soundbars under 5000 have a dual or quad-speaker set up to fill your room with the desired beats. 

Besides the sound quality, their design will also glorify your TV unit and home decor. Soundbars have a sleek and wall-mountable design to fit wherever you want. Moreover, they come with multifunction keys for better access to your favorite media.

In connectivity, you have a glut of options to connect your device with the soundbars. You can use Bluetooth, AUX, USB, SD cards, and HDMI for a seamless connection. Moreover, their plug-and-play technology makes them convenient to operate without any configuration. 

Whether you are a gamer or an audiophile, nothing is better than a soundbar for you. It offers a complete package of specifications in compact and premium design. Especially when it’s under the 5000 list, the deal becomes wild!

Top 6 Soundbars under 5000 in India

Under 5000, everyone searches for the best value for money. I reviewed various soundbars based on the price, sound quality, connectivity, and design. As a result, I have nine best soundbars under 5000 leading my list with advanced features. 

A treasure of specifications is waiting for your key! Let’s open the treasure and explore the six best soundbars under 5000 in India.

1. boAt Aavante Bar 1160

  • 60W sound output
  • boAt Signature Sound
  • 2.25” x 4 Dynamic Drivers
  • Adaptive sound delivery
  • 2.0 Channel sound
  • Bluetooth v4.2, AUX, USB
  • Remote access
  • Multi-functional keys 
  • Sleek wall-mountable design 
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boAt Aavante Bar 1160 is an undisputed champion on the list with 60W sound output. The soundbar has four 2.25” dynamic drivers to produce a 2.0 Channel sound during the playback. Also, it features adaptive delivery that optimizes and adapts the audio as per the media.

Moreover, it features a controlled signal-noise ratio of less than 72dB. You will not feel any distortion or noise while enjoying your favorite multimedia. Also, the soundbars allow you to choose between three modes i.e., news, movies, and music as per your needs. 

The soundbar uses Bluetooth v4.2 for a fast and reliable connection. Along with Bluetooth, you can connect your device with a soundbar using AUX and USB. Furthermore, it supports a remote controller and multi-functional keys for a convenient experience. 

Designed by boAt, Aavante Bar 1160 is one of the best soundbars under 5000 in India. It’s signature sound quality and various connectivity options make it perfect for you. Read boAt Aavante 1160’s reviews on Amazon.

2. Artis BT-X5

  • 60W sound output
  • Four sound drivers
  • Two passive radiators
  • 2.0 Channel
  • 3 EQ pre-sets
  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • AUX-in, HDMI (ARC), Co-Axial, Optical
  • Multi-functional remote
  • Space-saving wall-mount design 
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Artis BT-X5 is a top-notch soundbar with an immersive 60W sound output. It delivers a 2.0 Channel surround sound at your home using its four dynamic audio drivers. Furthermore, its in-built amplifier offers sustainable loudness, enhanced bass, and clear vocals. 

Besides the drivers, the soundbar has two passive radiators for a distortion-free output. You can customize the sound quality using 3 EQ pre-sets available in the soundbar. Also, it features a dedicated 3D button to convert your living space into a studio. 

The soundbars allow quick connection using AUX-in, HDMI, Co-Axial, and Optical-in. Moreover, it has the latest Bluetooth v5.0 for wireless access to your desired content. You will get connected to the soundbar as early as you switch on the Bluetooth of your device. 

With Bluetooth v5.0, the soundbar is a perfect choice to enjoy your music in 3D audio. It offers the premium sound quality, various connectivity options, and sound modes at an affordable price. Read Artis BT-X5’s reviews on Amazon.

3. Portronics POR-1274

  • 60W sound output
  • Two sound drivers unit
  • Hi-Fi sound delivery
  • Three adaptive modes
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • RCA, AUX, Optical
  • Digital remote control
  • Multi-functional keys
  • Wall-mountable design
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Portronics POR-1274 holds a third position on the list with 60W power output and Hi-Fi sound delivery. Hi-Fi (High fidelity) technology delivers dual channel sound with accurate bass and vocals. Furthermore, the soundbar features a 2-driver unit for an enthralling sound experience. 

Moreover, it features three adaptive sound modes to personalize your music experience. You can switch between music, news, and movie mode using the remote controller. Besides this, the remote also allows you to customize the media in the way you want.

It uses the latest Bluetooth v5.0 to connect your device while sustaining the sound quality. Apart from that, it supports RCA, AUX, and Optical-in for quick connection. Furthermore, its wall-mountable design makes it fit your cabinet or wherever you want. 

Portronics packed a gamut of features in its POR-1274 soundbar to meet your passion for music. Whether you are an audiophile or gamer, the soundbar is a perfect choice for you. Read Portronics POR-1274’s reviews on Amazon.

4. Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3500

  • 60W sound output
  • Hi-fidelity surround sound
  • Quad drivers setup
  • 2.0 channel
  • Frequency response: 70hz-20khz
  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • USB, AUX, Coaxial-in, HDMI (ARC)
  • Multi-functional remote
  • Wall-mountable design
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Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3500 is a stunning soundbar with 60W sound output. The quad drivers setup converts your living space into a studio with 2.0 Channel audio. Furthermore, it enables Hi-Fi sound and frequency response of 70Hz-20kHz during the playback.

Moreover, it delivers clear dialogue quality using an S/N ratio of less than 66dB. The S/N ratio describes the ratio of sound and noise in the audio. With 66dB, the soundbar exerts more noise and offers a distortion-free experience. Besides this, you can also access the controls using the multi-functional remote controller.

With Bluetooth v5.0, it ensures a quick and reliable connection with your device. The soundbar also supports USB, AUX, Coaxial-in, and HDMI (ARC) for convenient connectivity. Along with that, its sleek design will glorify your TV unit with an accent of luxury.

From Zebronics, Zeb-JUKEBAR 3500 is amongst the best soundbars in 5000. It offers various connectivity options and stunning sound quality at an affordable price. Read Zebronics ZEB-JUKEBAR 3500’s reviews on Amazon.

5. Amkette Boomer

  • 10W sound output
  • 40mm sound drivers
  • Dual integrated subwoofers
  • 1800mAh battery
  • 12 hours of playtime
  • In-built microphone
  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • AUX, USB, SD card, FM
  • Multi-functional remote
  • Touch controls
  • Portable design 
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Amkette Boomer is another travel-ready soundbar on the list with 10W sound output. The soundbar features two integrated subwoofers for rich bass and clear vocals. Also, its in-built microphone allows you to answer calls and access voice assistants.

Furthermore, it has two 40 mm sound drivers to produce louder and room-filling sound. The soundbar comes with a 1800mAh rechargeable battery for non-stop entertainment during trips. On a single charge, it delivers 12 hours of total playtime without any power source. 

In connectivity, it works with Bluetooth v5.0 for reliable wireless connectivity. v5.0 is the latest version that ensures faster connection and saves battery life. Besides Bluetooth, you can also connect your device with the soundbar using AUX, USB, SD card, and FM. 

With a 1800mAh battery, Boomer is a perfect choice to make you dance to your favorite beats during the trip. It offers premium sound quality and various connectivity options at an affordable price. Read Amkette Boomer’s reviews on Amazon.

6. Modernista Maestro Bar

  • 20W sound output
  • Dual RMS speaker drivers
  • 2.0 channel field
  • Dual bass reflex ports
  • 2400 mAh battery
  • In-built microphone 
  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • AUX-in, USB, Micro SD
  • Four multi-functional buttons
  • Compact portable design 
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Modernista Maestro is ending the list with innovative specifications and 20W sound output. The soundbar features a dual RMS speaker setup to deliver 2.0 Channel field sound at home. Furthermore, it had dual bass reflex ports that add rich and deep bass to your desired media. 

Besides this, its in-built mic allows you to answer calls and access voice assistants. It has a 2400mAh Li-ion battery that has a higher power density as compared to polymer ones. That’s what makes it delivers up to 5 hours of total playtime without any power source. 

The soundbar supports both wired and wireless connectivity options for the best results. With Bluetooth v5.0, it enables wireless connectivity and saves battery life on trips. You can also connect your device with the soundbar using AUX-in, USB, and Micro SD cards ports. 

In the end, it is winning hearts with its portable design and innovative features. That’s why Maestro is on the list of best soundbars under 5000 in India. Whether you are an audiophile or traveler, the soundbar is a perfect choice for you. Read Modernista Maestro Bar’s reviews on Amazon.