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5 Best Soundbars for TV in India

Soundbars are a revolutionary step towards innovation and efficiency in audio devices. Our TVs are getting slimmer, and you may not prefer a bulky sound system to clutter up the whole system. Here the TV soundbars come into play with a sleek design and clutter-free configuration. They look premium and mix up with your TV unit as a part of it. 

Besides the design, their sound quality and connectivity options will not disappoint you. TV soundbars come with powerful speaker drivers to make you enjoy your favorite TV content. Even if you are sharing the screen, its Bluetooth connectivity will leave you with no sound lags. Let’s explore some more facts about the soundbars that make them worth configuring with your TV. 

Why should you buy the best TV soundbars?

Smart TVs are getting slimmer and increasing our excitement towards content consumption. They may be great at viewing angles but cannot deliver a room-filling sound with their 20W speakers. That’s what makes a TV soundbar worth being a part of your TV unit. The soundbars produce up to 1000W sound output aligned with audio technologies to meet your needs.

Exploring further, I wonder how soundbars manage to produce power output with a sleek design. They come with a low-profile design for easy and sturdy placement with your TV. Whether you want to place them on a table or mount them on a wall, they are versatile enough for every place. 

The soundbars offer a variety of connectivity options to connect every multimedia device you have. From HDMI to Optical-in, you can connect your TV with the soundbar at your convenience. Moreover, it also has Bluetooth enabled for reliable wireless connectivity with media devices. Whether you have an iOS device or an Android, Bluetooth allows you to connect all the devices with one tap. 

Winding-up benefits, TV soundbars offer a great value at an affordable price. If you want an audio partner for your smart TV, nothing is better than a soundbar for you. 

5 Best TV Soundbars Designed to Partner Your TV

There is a variety of soundbars available in the market. Meanwhile, my focus was on the soundbars designed specially to fulfill the audios needs of a TV. I reviewed various gadgets from globally recognized brands throughout my research. As a result, I have some of the best TV soundbars with top-notch specs on my list. 

No further ado! It’s your turn to review the top 5 TV soundbars I catered for on the list.

1. LG SNH5

  • Dolby Digital
  • 4.1 Channel sound
  • DTS virtual X
  • 600W sound output
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • AI sound pro:
  • Bass Boosted+
  • Bluetooth, USB, HDMI
  • LG Bluetooth app
  • Sleek wall-mountable design
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LG SNH5 is a 600W sound output loaded with innovative audio technologies. The soundbar ingrates with a wireless subwoofer to produce an immersive 4.1 Channel sound at your home. Whether you want to play music or games, it will add deep bass and clear vocals to your media. 

As I said, the soundbar features various audio technologies to make you dance over the beats. It has Dolby Digital that produces a cinematic sound of up to 5.1 Channels. Along with that, the soundbar also has AI sound pro and Bass Blast+. AI Sound pro helps it adapting the sound needs while bass blast+ add HD bass to your media.

Besides techs, it features a low-profile design that blends with your TV as a part of it. The soundbar has dedicated wall brackets for study and easy placement. Even if you want a tabletop configuration, its low-profile design will not disappoint you. Exploring further, you can customize the media using its remote or LG Bluetooth app on your mobile. 

In connectivity, you have Bluetooth, USB, and HDMI to connect your TV with the soundbar. The soundbar connects with every Bluetooth device regardless of its OS and BT version. Meanwhile, USB and HDMI enable you to enjoy your TV content in 4.1 Channel sound. 

With 600W sound output, it is one of the best soundbars for TV in India. The soundbar will be the perfect choice if you are looking for a feature-rich and stylish audio product. Read LG SNH5’s reviews on Amazon.

2. Samsung T670/XL

  • Dolby 5.1
  • 5.1 Channel soundbar
  • 460W sound output
  • Four sound modes
  • DTS virtual X
  • Dual rear speakers
  • 16.5cm subwoofer
  • Bluetooth, HDMI (CEC), Optical-in, USB
  • One remote control
  • Low profile design
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Samsung T670/XL is ready to make you dance over your favourite beats with 460W sound output. It offers a complete music setup, including two rear speakers and one subwoofer. Not only that, but you can also play media in four sound modes, including standard, Smart, game, and surround. 

If I brief, the soundbar features technologies like DTS X and Dolby 5.1 for an incredible performance. DTS virtual X encodes a higher bitrate that helps in producing a better sound quality with TV. Meanwhile, Dolby Digital expands the stereo channels to deliver up to 5.1 Channel surround sound at your home. 

It is a 5-piece soundbar system designed for a room-filling audio experience. All the components have a sleek construction that mix-up in your home décor like its part. Also, the soundbar comes with a low-profile wall-mountable design for convenient placement. One thing that impressed me is you can control the soundbar using a Universal TV remote in the box. 

Furthermore, the soundbar supports all the connectivity options you need to connect it with your TV. You can connect any of your smart devices using Bluetooth and enjoy your media in 460W sound. Besides Bluetooth, it also supports HDMI (CEC), Optical-in, and USB for a reliable connection with your TV. 

Designed by Samsung, T670XL is one of the best TV soundbars to buy in India. From Dolby to Bluetooth, it offers a complete package of specifications at an affordable price. Read Samsung T670XL’s reviews on Amazon.

3. JBL Cinema SB261

  • Dolby Audio enabled
  • 2.1 Channel soundbar
  • 220W sound output
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Bluetooth, HDMI(ARC), Optical (ARC)
  • Sleek wall-mountable design
  • Multi-functional remote
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JBL Cinema SB261 is a mid-range budget champion with 220W sound output. The soundbar integrates with a wireless subwoofer to produce 2.1 Channel surround sound. Moreover, it will also add high-quality bass and clear vocals to your favourite multimedia. 

When it comes to exploring audio techs, Dolby has become a trend in soundbars. The soundbar features Dolby Digital to fill your space with thumping Indian beats. Dolby Digital can work with up to 5.1 Channels and produce 360-degree surround sound. Meanwhile, SB261 only supports 2.1 Channels and is powerful enough to meet your audio needs.

The soundbar has a simplistic design to a mix-up with your TV as it does not exist. It comes with a wall bracket kit that makes it more convenient to place wherever you want. Besides the design, it makes the controls quite convenient with button controls and a multi-functional remote.

If I talk about connectivity, the soundbars have a variety of connectivity options. It has an in-built Bluetooth switch that enables a wireless connection with your device. Your smartphone will access the soundbar as early as you switch the Bluetooth on. Along with Bluetooth, you can also connect your TV with the soundbar using HDMI (ARC) and Optical (ARC).

Concluding the specs, SB261 impressed me with its simplistic design and premium sound quality. If you want a soundbar that fits your budget, it will be a perfect choice for you. Read JBL Cinema 261’s reviews on Amazon.

4. Carvaan Saregama

  • In-built FM
  • 2.1 Channel sound
  • 50W speaker drivers
  • Four speakers
  • 70W wired subwoofer
  • Impedance 8ohm
  • 500 pre-loaded songs
  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • AUX-in, HDMI (ARC), Co-axial, USB
  • Multi-functional button controls
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Carvaan Musicbar CBWY121 is more a legacy than a soundbar. The Musicbar features four speakers that come together with a subwoofer to produce 120W sound output. Also, it has 500 pre-loaded Hindi songs from beloved artists, including Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar.

The soundbar does not have any particular audio technology to optimize the sound. Meanwhile, Carvaan that its 120W speakers produce stereo surround sound for a better auditory experience. According to experts, lower impedance means higher music output. Its impedance is 8ohm, which enables the soundbar to produce more power than 16ohm. 

Looking at its design, its classy black finish and robust construction impressed me. The soundbar comes with a low-profile design that allows you to place it wherever you want. Either you want to install it on a tabletop or mount it on a wall, the soundbar looks premium with your TV. Furthermore, the soundbar has various multi-functional buttons for better media customization.

The Musicbar has almost every connectivity option you may need to connect your TV. It has the latest Bluetooth v5.0 to enable a wireless connection with your device. Being the newest version, v5.0 is faster and more reliable than the older versions. Apart from Bluetooth, you can also connect your TV using AUX-in, HDMI(ARC), Co-axial, and USB. 

With Bluetooth v5.0, CBWY121 is a feature-rich soundbar available at an affordable price. Whether you want evergreen songs or the latest beats, the soundbar will be a perfect match with your TV. Read Carvaan Musicbar CBWY121’s reviews on Amazon.

5. JBL SB110

  • Dolby Digital
  • 2.0 Channel soundbar
  • 110W sound output
  • Built-in subwoofer
  • Frequency response: 40Hz-20kHz
  • Bluetooth, HDMI (ARC)
  • Low profile design
  • Multi-functional remote
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JBL SB110 is a budget flagship killer soundbar with 110W sound output. Unlike most soundbars, it has an in-built speaker that saves space and bass-up your media. It is a 2.0 Channel soundbar with a frequency response of 40Hz-20kHz designed for an incredible audio performance. 

If I talk about audio technologies, it features Dolby Digital to optimize the sound from your TV. Dolby Digital is an audio codec that helps the soundbars in producing up to 5.1 Channel surround sound. Meanwhile, SB110 only produces 2.0 Channel sound, but it’s powerful enough to optimize your multimedia playback. 

The soundbar has a simplistic design to blend with your TV as a part of it. Its low-profile design makes it perfect for placing on the tabletop as well as mount on the wall. Even the soundbar comes with a wall-bracket kit, including screws for convenient placement. Furthermore, it supports JBL multi-functional remote to make you access your favorite TV content. 

Furthermore, the soundbar has only two connectivity options, i.e., Bluetooth and HDMI (ARC). It is a Bluetooth-enabled soundbar that sustains a reliable connection with most smart devices. Also, HDMI (ARC) makes you enjoy HD media on your TV in HD sound quality. Also, it is easy to set up and create no clutters of wires during the configuration.

At the end of the note, SB110 is concluding with premium sound quality and simplistic design. With Dolby Digital, it is amongst the best TV soundbars to glorify your TV unit. Read JBL SB110’s reviews on Amazon.