5 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 Rupees in India

Modern girl in the outdoors holding a Bluetooth speaker in right hand

Portable Bluetooth speakers do not demand a hefty price tag. Believe it or not, you can easily get a high-quality Bluetooth speaker under 2000 rupees in India. More importantly, these budget speakers have the same features as their expensive counterparts, so you really don’t need to spend extra to satisfy your basic needs.

A compact Bluetooth speaker can add enjoyment as well as convenience to your life. That’s because you can move this speaker around easily and can even carry it outdoors if you like. Actually, portability is one of the main factors that has led to the popularity of Bluetooth speakers.

Furthermore, Bluetooth speakers under 2000 rupees are designed to meet the needs of the general public. This price range is the sweet spot where you get all the necessary features required for a casual music listening experience.

Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 Rupees

I’ve prepared this list on the basis of popularity, ratings, and feedback. There are many Bluetooth speakers under 2000 rupees; however, the speakers listed below are the ones that will offer you the best value for money.

So, let’s jump right in. Here are the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 rupees in India:

1. Portronics SoundDrum – Loud & Clear Bluetooth Speaker

  • 10 Watts speaker
  • In-built microphone
  • Water-resistant (IPX6 rated)
  • Bluetooth, AUX, USB, FM
  • Up to 7 hours of playtime
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Portronics SoundDrum is the best budget Bluetooth speaker that you can get under 2000 rupees. It not only has a loud and clear sound but also a well-defined bass performance.

Moreover, SoundDrum is a compact Bluetooth speaker that is easy to carry around. That’s because it has a water and dust resistant body, which makes it safe to use in any environment.

SoundDrum supports Bluetooth, AUX, USB, and FM radio. Additionally, it comes with an in-built microphone that can be used for hands-free calling.

Last but not least, SoundDrum only takes a couple of hours to fully charge its 1800 mAh battery, giving you an impressive 7 hours of uninterrupted playtime. Read Portronics SoundDrum’s reviews on Amazon.

2. boAt Stone 650 – Best for Bass-Heavy Music

  • 10 Watts speaker
  • In-built microphone
  • Water-resistant (IPX5 rated)
  • Bluetooth, AUX, SD card
  • Up to 7 hours of playtime
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boAt Stone 650 is the best budget Bluetooth speaker for listening to bass-heavy music. It has a dynamic HD sound and a bass that packs a punch.

Although Stone 650 is a bit heavier than the other Bluetooth speakers, the extra weight makes it more stable to handle all the bass. Additionally, Stone 650 can adapt to any environment thanks to its IPX5 water-resistant rating.

Furthermore, boAt Stone 650 supports Bluetooth, AUX and SD card. It is useful to know that wired connections like AUX and SD cards can significantly increase the battery life of this speaker.

Finally, boAt Stone 650 can be mounted conveniently on a tripod, and its battery can give you up to 7 hours of playtime. Read boAt Stone 650’s reviews on Amazon.

3. Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100 – Waterproof Speaker with Unbeatable Sound Quality

  • 4 Watts speaker
  • In-built microphone
  • Waterproof (IPX7 rated)
  • Bluetooth and AUX
  • Up to 9 hours of playtime
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Infinity Fuze 100 comes from Harman, the company behind well-known brands like JBL and AKG. This speaker not only delivers unbeatable sound quality but also comes with Dual EQ feature which lets you choose between the normal and deep bass mode.

Moreover, Fuze 100 is a compact Bluetooth speaker that can even survive a drop in the pool thanks to its IPX7 waterproof rating. Besides, it’s a lightweight speaker that is safer to carry anywhere you go.

Unfortunately, Fuze 100 doesn’t support USB or an SD card, but its Bluetooth range and AUX cable connection are extremely good. Furthermore, Infinity Fuze 100 comes with a Dual Speaker Connect Technology that lets you connect two Fuze 100 speakers together to experience a louder sound.

In the end, Fuze 100 can give you up to 9 hours of playtime, so you can literally play music all day long on this speaker. Read Infinity Fuze 100’s reviews on Amazon.

4. JBL GO – Best-Selling Budget Bluetooth Speaker

  • 3 Watts speaker
  • In-built microphone
  • Available in 8 vibrant colors
  • Bluetooth and AUX
  • Up to 5 hours of playtime
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JBL GO was an instant hit after it was first launched back in 2015. Even today, it is the most-rated and best-selling Bluetooth speaker that you can get under 2000 rupees.

Although JBL GO is not waterproof or water-resistant, it is durable enough to last you a long time. Apart from this, it is available in 8 vibrant colors to compliment anyone’s lifestyle.

JBL GO also lets you take calls and access the integrated voice assistant through its in-built microphone. Furthermore, it supports the AUX cable connection to make your life easier.

Finally, JBL GO comes with a quick rechargeable battery, which can give you up to 5 hours of playtime. As per the users, the battery life of JBL GO remains consistent after months of use. Read JBL GO’s reviews on Amazon.

5. Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0 – Best for Retro Hindi Music Lovers

  • 5 Watts speaker
  • 351 pre-loaded evergreen songs
  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Bluetooth, AUX, USB, FM
  • Up to 4 hours of playtime
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Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0 comes with multiple connectivity options and is best suited for people who love listening to old Hindi songs. The sound quality of the speaker is pretty good unless you turn it up to the maximum volume, where you might notice some vibrations.

Apart from this, Carvaan Mini is a compact Bluetooth speaker that fits easily in your palm. Also, it comes in 6 different colors to match anyone’s lifestyle.

Although Carvaan Mini 2.0 doesn’t have an in-built microphone, nevertheless it has multiple connectivity options. It not only supports Bluetooth but also AUX-IN, AUX-OUT, USB, and FM/AM radio. Additionally, Carvaan Mini comes with 351 pre-loaded evergreen songs from legends like Kishore Kumar, Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, and many others.

In the end, Carvaan Mini 2.0 can give you up to 4 hours of playtime, and its rechargeable battery can be charged with any Android charger. Read Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0’s reviews on Amazon.

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